Be Sure to Watch Out For Those With No License

Today, a new law is being enforced in Belgium that makes online bingo gaming more strict and expensive; this new law states that all bingo gaming commission fees collected by bingo game websites must be sent directly to the commission instead of to the players on a monthly basis. This new law has already caused a major increase in the number of bingo playing sites as commission fees have become more expensive. The main reasons for this increase in the number of sites available to play bingo are the higher amount of money that can be made by winning large amounts of money and the reduced costs associated with maintaining the bingo playing hall. The new bingo gaming commission fee is set by the government and its purpose is to help maintain the bingo hall and keep it going.

The Belgian Gaming Commission is quite active in the area of enforcement; however recent actions have been taken against an online casino in Verviers, wherein a bingo gaming commission fee was paid in full before the site started operation. In the past, a commission was never paid by a casino before the site opened but in this case the commission was paid right away. Additionally, new Royal Decrees have been issued which require all game websites operating online to apply for licenses before they can start accepting deposits or before allowing players to place bids. Also, age requirements for gambling have been increased to eighteen years of age and any person who is found to be under the age of eighteen years when applying for a bingo card must be immediately expelled from the site.

Although there are many people who are against casinos all together, the situation with the bingo industry is a little bit different. Casinos are in operation all over the world and as such there are a lot of people who would like to be able to win huge amounts of money through the use of online gambling including free slots casinos. Unfortunately, these online bingo games are not regulated by the same standards as traditional live bingo sites. One can only hope that the einheit bingo industry grows and soon we will see some well-run online casinos that offer decent payouts and enough money to encourage even the most hardcore gamblers to come and play for real money. Until then, einheit bingo and other similar games remain free for all and anyone who want to get involved can do so without worrying about getting in trouble with the government or the gaming regulators.

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